Game Update - v1.5.0 | BUG FIX & NEW ADDITION

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Game Update - v1.5.0 | BUG FIX & NEW ADDITION
« on: May 07, 2020, 03:10:29 AM »

Script version 1.5.0 includes bug fix & new additions.

Weapon System
We have been trying to counter the infinite ammo bug in the past but it didn't quite work well as it starts giving out infinite ammo guns to every player even if it's crafted from the Arms Dealer job. It also saves Admin Given guns (which isn't suppose to save in the first place) and there are high chances that weapon hacked weapons gets saved too. We would like to happily announce to everyone that this has been fixed and it will no longer be an issue in the future.

Graffiti System
A Graffiti System is highly suggested to us by our players in the last few weeks, We would like to happily announce to you that we have finally implemented this system. Graffiti is exclusive for official families only. You can start spraying a graffiti by heading over to a nearby 24/7 Store and buying a spray can (YES! Spraycan does give out an actual spray can now not only just for painting the car/putting a paintjob purposes only) - You will have to request for a graffiti spraying to an admin (/requestgraffiti) -> Jr. Admins can accept the graffiti request. Once accepted they will spectate you the whole process, You will be granted permission to use /fspray. You can choose the size of your graffiti, the font of your graffiti & the color of your graffiti. Finally, you will edit the placement of your graffiti before it gets sprayed in the whole. (You will have to actually spray the wall after doing the /fspray process, You may not want to move or stop spraying during this process as the server will prompt you to continue or move to your old position)

Furniture System
Along with Graffiti System, this is highly recommended and suggested by our players. You may now place furnitures into your houses. Type /furniture inside your house to start buying/removing/editing your furniture placement. You may also turn on your furniture's label to see which objects are part of your house furniture. Your house safe is not part of the furniture, You still have to edit it's placement via /hsafe (and edit it's safe pass via /changemysafepass) You can also give someone permission to buy or edit a furniture's placement, those with house furniture permission cannot give a house furniture permission to someone else, they cannot also delete/remove a furniture.


Graffiti System

Furniture System (/furniture)

Here are the changes & additions to the script:

Code: [Select]
Family System:
[-] Graffiti System for Families.

House System:
[-] Furniture System for Houses (permissions can be given by House Owner)
[-] Added /houseinfo (displays the statistics of house owner's house + furniture count)


Deploy System:
[-] Overhaul on Deploying Spikestrips, Cone, RoadBlock & Flare.
[-] Completely removed stingers, cades as a deployable option.
[-] Added a new deployable option: Barrel.

[-] Admins are now vulnerable to anticheat detections (it will be a prompt warning, they will not get banned but they will not be notified about it)

[-] Players can no longer use /ame & /ado if they are in other state (aDuty, etc.) - except if they are injured.

Changing Name:
[-] Changed Username is now properly displayed.

Weapon System:
[-] Fixed Major bug regarding Infinite Ammo & Admin/Weapon Hack guns being saved.

Chat System:
[-] Player will have the option to choose which they will reply too on /f if they are both in family & faction now.