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Families / Gang Threads Rules & Regulations
« Last post by Maven on May 13, 2020, 12:45:29 AM »
Gang Threads Rules & Regulations
In this thread, you can see the rules and regulations in making your gang/family thread. Be sure to follow these to avoid infractions.


Thread Name
The thread title must be only the FULL NAME of the Family / Gang.

- Removal of your thread.

Thread Format
The thread format must include the background of your family/gang from introduction to history. You may use as much appropriate GFX as you want. Failure to do so may lead to infractions.

- Removal of your thread.
- Forums mute/ban depending on severity.

Unfinished Threads
Posting unfinished threads, stating they are under construction or reserving the thread is not allowed, if you want to put in the effort in creating a family, start with a decent thread. Doing this will result in removal of your thread.

- Removal of the Thread

New Threads
After you create a thread and decide you do not want to continue with the family and remove your thread. You will have to wait ONE month from the day the last family thread was posted in order to create a new one.

- Removal of the Thread

Thread Requirements
The whole thread, with the story and introduction will need to have a minimum of 500 words, the thread must be clean and neat, not messy.

- Removal of the Thread

If your thread is being spammed with insults or generally useless stuff, do not re-make the thread, contact a Gang Moderator instead to remove the useless comments.

- Forums infraction (2 days mute) to the spammers

We expect professionalism from you when posting a thread for your family, adding some useless stuff, memes or anything trying to be funny will result in removal of your thread.

- Removal of your thread.

Thread Activity
Role play screenshots NEED to be posted on your family thread. A week of inactivity is a subject for infraction.

- Family Strike

Copying biographies, texts, pictures, GFX arts from other families is strictly forbidden, doing this will result in removal of your thread.

- Removal of your thread.
- Forums Ban (3 days)

Families / Re: Stracci Crime Family Chapter 1[will be updated soon]
« Last post by Mike on May 13, 2020, 12:12:21 AM »
Good luck!
Families / Re: Stracci Crime Family Chapter 1[will be updated soon]
« Last post by Eseng. on May 13, 2020, 12:11:15 AM »
Wish of luck
Families / Stracci Crime Family Chapter 1[will be updated soon]
« Last post by D3N3IL on May 12, 2020, 04:19:43 AM »
The Beginning of the Family

“The Stracci Crime Family”,is a mafia started by “Three waves” between father and his sons.
Started at “Los Santos” in a very scary and dark day, in“May 9, 1995”at 23:09PM, the father heared so many noise and much bullets everywhere, took his children out of the house moving towards the Department of Los Santos for his safety, and in their way to there, some of the dangerous people cut their route with a heavy guns, trying to kidnap him and his children, the father tried to safe his sons, but by the time those people tried to take them away from the main streets and while they trying, some of Police moved by there, the father decided to end his day in here when he became running to the Police car shouting and waving to them “Help”.
got killed by the leader of those people who tried to kidnap them, its end up in front of Rico’s Eyes, Victor and Kade been watching their father like it's the end.
Their Father waved with his hand to his every single son, and told to his big son Rico , here you go my man, there is a long way for you to handle.
it was the last words over there, killed in front of his sons.
from this day Rico cut his fun with everything and started a serious life, He decided to take a revenge on everyone who caused the death of his Father, Rico was just 16 years old.
they were just in town with the Father after they moved to “Italy”, because the mother is died after born her young son "Kade”, then their father decided to take them with him in “Italy” because of his work and left his lonely brother and their son “Adrian” in “USA”.
The days passed day by day and they ran from the death of their Father which is very sad to the more dangerous and fear.
They worked up on everything to stay alive and earn money to get a good life, and enjoy their incoming days, but Rico was thinking big to move his incoming days, to the hell days.
They tried all their best to earn cash from all sides, and they got it already.
Rico has been took his secret way alone without informing anyone, he worked with many “UNKNOWN” dealers of “drugs”, “Gun materials” and helped in a kidnapping.
After Dominic being a 24 years old, he worked up on secret business to earn more cash while his both brothers still working in bars and casinos.
day by day and there is Rico, went in the more danger side which is “Selling an Illegal guns, Drugs and Killing persons for money” he kept working alone without informing his both brothers about that business, and in someday, Kade noticed Ricos movements and tried to check Rico by himself, Kade came alone following Rico movements, and how he fell in the real big wrong move, which will end Rico.
Kade spoken with Victor about that, and there is his brothers make a one hand going right away to “Rico” to stop this way here.
Rico made up a real good cash which is goes on “2 Billions” he decided to move up making his Family more great and get his father’s revenge back, Rico spoken with his both brothers about the old days and what happened before, they dealt with that and made their terms which is most important.
They all agreed to be gathered in distress and prosperity, also to stay gather in their way to the world of criminality, and this was an agreement between them to be with each other, to take their rights and father’s too.
The work started inside of Los Santos, since Rico Started to waste his Money up on buying a great houses, places and cars to make his own kingdom, and already passed on that.
everything started to work very well with the brothers, the agreements and treaties between them should be started, Victor saw a big and good secret locations to be the places of the beginning, he offered so many deals to Rico so if he choose this or not.
Rico had a secret HQ, since their work started up from these moments.
the brothers went to more dangerous days, which is “Robbing, Kidnapping, Killing, business of drugs and guns” which is selling Drugs, Guns to keep doing the deal and earn more cash,robbing Casinos and Business, Killing someone for money, and there's the begin.

“Luicito Stracci”: the father and the head of Stracci Family, was born in Aug 27, 1951, in “Torino, Italy”.Got married in “1978” and Died in “1995” for getting a shot in his heart. 

“Rico Stracci”: the big brother, 40 Years old, was born in “Dec 11, 1979” in “Los Santos”. Previous work: UNKNOWN. Current work: UNKNOWN. The boss of “Stracci Crime Family” And the one who created it with the brothers since the begin of 2003 with 33 years old. After getting a deal with his both brothers and in his first days of the illegal work as Family, “Rico” has two brothers; “Victor Stracci” and “Kade Stracci”. The billionaire, Planner, organizer and mastermind of each crime.

“Adrian Stracci”: one of the family “Cousin”, 39 years old, was born in “Mar 18, 1980” in “Los Santos”. Previous work: UNKNOWN. Current work: UNKNOWN The Underboss of “Stracci Crime Family”. And the one who assisted the Stracci brothers to approach the Crime future gather.
Came back from “America” to “Italy” after his father’s death. Billionaire and head of the illegal parts.

LSPD Applications / Re: LSPD Application
« Last post by McCoy on May 11, 2020, 10:56:24 PM »

Dear applicant,
After thoroughly looking through this resume and the information provided in it, I am pleased to say that this application has been accepted. You can contact any High Commanders to have your badge issued.
Deputy Chief James McCoy
LSPD Applications / LSPD Application
« Last post by D3N3IL on May 11, 2020, 10:12:03 PM »

Name (IG character): Deniel Johnson
Your Level: 1
Your Playing Hours: 0
Rate your roleplay skill from 1 to 10: 9/10
Justify your RP skill rate (in minimum  25 words): * Deniel Johnson Extends His Right Arm To His Wallet And Takes 50$ (/me), ** Would He Take it ((Deniel Johnson)) (/do), I know how to roleplay and follow the rules of ooc/ic i usually spend my time in roleplay servers.
Number of Arrests: Clear/Classified
Number of Crimes:Clear/Classified
Why would you like to join LSPD? Answer in minimum 120 words in paragrahs or 8 bulletins:I want to join lspd to serve and protect my city ((city of los santos))and doing all my best to make sure the city is good, as a police officer/chief i would do my best to decreate the active cocaine corrier and decrease illegal glambing in the city, Deniel Johnson Applying For LSPD, I know city of los santos are in need of good officers so im here to apply for my right to become one and i know this is a hard professional but ill do my best to make it good , Regards Deniel Johnson.
LSPD Applications / Re: James McCoy's LSPD application
« Last post by Adam_Hunt on May 10, 2020, 02:36:23 AM »
Locked as application is accepted. Welcome to LSPD.
LSPD Applications / Re: James McCoy's LSPD application
« Last post by Chris_Roger on May 09, 2020, 09:11:53 AM »
Welcome to LSPD James McCoy
LSPD Applications / Re: James McCoy's LSPD application
« Last post by Mike on May 09, 2020, 09:09:39 AM »
Accepted. Contact the high commands In-Game to get yourself an invite.
LSPD Applications / James McCoy's LSPD application
« Last post by McCoy on May 09, 2020, 05:18:49 AM »
Your ID: (( ((
Name (IG character): James McCoy
Your Level: 1
Your Playing Hours: 1
Rate your roleplay skill from 1 to 10: 6 - 9.5
Justify your RP skill rate (in minimum  25 words): I think I am pretty good at RP since I played at many heavy RP servers, I am well aware of the OOC rules and laws and I have never been admin jailed or kicked or banned in any server. I am well aware of the basic knowledge of RP and I think I can perform very detailed RP as well.
Number of Arrests: None
Number of Crimes: None
Why would you like to join LSPD? Answer in minimum 120 words in paragrahs or 8 bulletins: I want to join Los Santos Police Department because I know it's a very professional agency. Moreover, I want to ensure that the Federal Laws of San Andreas are obeyed and enforced without any benefits and/or any personal interests. I am willing to devote my precious time and skills to this department and I think I'll be one of the most hard working employees of this department. I am a man of my words and I do as I am told to do and I have the ability to lead the people who are lower in rank than me. I am an excellent driver, I also have great weapon skills which can prove useful for this department. this department suits me the most according to the level of my work and my abilities. All and all, I think I'll make the department proud.
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