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Server Information / Server Rules and Regulations
« on: April 24, 2020, 01:42:11 PM »


You are not allowed to attempt, or imply for someone to play another server. Posting an IP address or mentioning a server name will lead to a ban.

2. Respect (Flaming) –
Treat everyone with respect, this goes to all players. There isn’t any need to be abusive to others which is known as flaming, especially to administrators who volunteer to spend their spare time to help benefit the community assisting you with any appropriate needs you have such as handling /am requests.

3. Language -
This server is an English language based server, it is necessary for you to communicate in English in all forms of chats via both in character and out of character chats. This goes all the way from /w to /pr.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t say words in other languages, if it fits with roleplay then it can be done.

You are subjected to verbal warnings at first, then fines up till a mute from all chats

4. Death Matching (DM) –
Attacking another person without a valid roleplay reason is against the server rules, this also includes provoking someone without a valid reason in order to attack them afterwards.

5. Spamming –
You are not allowed to spam in any forms of chats, this includes both general typing and even spamming commands. This is seen as intent to disturb administrators due to admin warnings from spam.

6. Power Gaming (PG) –
This is forcing actions upon other players, disallowing them to provide a response to your action or role playing an action which is seen as humanly impossible – something which isn’t able to be done in real life. Another part of powergaming is saying something to benefit your roleplay along with attempting to do more than one action in your roleplay line.

Example – You’re in a fight with somebody and do something along the lines of this in your /me grabs the person by their head and smashes their head off the car followed by tossing them over the edge.

7. Meta Gaming (MG) –
 Meta gaming, it is an “out of character” action where a player’s character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.
You are subjected to verbal warnings, fines and admin jail based on admin discretion.

8. Terrorism –
We do not allow any form of terrorist roleplay regardless of any reasons.

9. Revenge Killing (RK)
Revenge Killing is when you’ve been killed by a player and they finished you off or paramedics did not save you in time with you bleeding out dying then you find the person who killed you and kill them just because they killed you earlier. When you’ve been finished off by a player or you didn’t get saved by the the paramedics, you lose all memory you had from the previous roleplay situation with that player so you don’t remember them at all.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

10. Baiting –
 There are 3 types of baiting. Cop Baiting, Gang Baiting and Player Baiting.

Cop Baiting is where you as the player is intentionally trying to get the cops to chase you or trying to start a scene for no good reason.

Gang Baiting is where you’re trying to provoke players who are in a gang, attempting to start a fight or cause a scene for no good reason.

Player Baiting is where you’re walking up to random players, cursing them out and trying to start a fight / scene for no good reason.

11. Rush Tazing (RT) –
Rush Tazing is where a cop is using their tazer or beanbag shotgun and they use it to knock someone to the ground while they have a gun out, pointing it at them and/or shooting. Cops are allowed to taze and bean bag criminals when they aren’t pointing guns or shooting at them, as well as when they’re running away with a gun out.

12. Vehicle Ramming (Car Ramming) –
Car Ramming is when a player is ramming their vehicle into other players and vehicles for no good reason.

13. Vehicle Surfing (Car Surfing) –
Vehicle surfing otherwise known as car surfing is when you sit/stand/crouch anywhere on top of a vehicle whether it’s the trunk or hood whilst the vehicle is in use (being driven).

14. Vehicle Parking (Car Parking) –
Car Parking is the act of a player driving on top of a player, making them stuck under the vehicle, making them lose HP until they die.
Caught breaking this rule will result in prison time.

15. Ninja Jacking –
 Ninja jacking is when you remove players from their vehicle without conducting any roleplay throwing them out of the vehicle and checking whether or not the action succeeded.

16. Chicken Running –
This is running in a zig-zag manoeuvre in order to avoid bullets hitting you.

You are subjected to an immediate admin jail if caught doing so.

17. Bunny Hopping –
This is when you jump repeatedly in order to travel faster, this is seen as abuse as people travel faster realistically through running rather than jumping.

18. Bike Acceleration Abuse –
This is rapidly tapping the up key arrow or W key in order to increase the bikes speed.

19. Unrealistic Actions (UNRP Conduct) –
Unrealistic Actions, commonly known as UNRP Conduct is when you’re doing something that is unrealistic, just like the name of the rule states.

20. Finishing
When a person is killed they are put into a injured state and either need the Fire Department to come and take them to hospital, for them to bleed out and die or for a player to finish them off. It is against server rules to finish someone off without a valid RP.

You’ll also have to[b include AT LEAST 5 words in your /me for finishing[/b] and it MUST include a name, keep in mind the name doesn’t class as a word to your finishing so you can’t do /me pops two shots into [name] as you only got four words and the name.

21. Walking Whilst Dead (WWD) –
Walking While Dead is when you start running or walking when you’re in the injured state. If you had an RP and you were RPly shot in the head and you’re dead, of course you’re not just going to start running around. You’re dead.

22. Logging to Avoid (LTA) –
 Logging to avoid, means when the player quits the game to avoid a role-play situation which is basically known as a form of refusing to role-play.

23. Multi Accounting –
 Multi-accounting is when you have more than one master account on the server. It is against server rules to possess more than one master account for the server.

24. Robbing –
 All robbing situations must be roleplayed extensively.

You and the player that you are robbing must be at least level 3 or higher.

25. Third Party Modifications –
Modifications that provide an unfair advantage over another player are strictly forbidden. Use of such files will result in a permanent ban from the server. Think before installing a program or mod, Is that file going to give you an advantage in game? If so, do not install it.

26. Money Farming –
 Money Farming is the act of creating multiple accounts, where you would then pass the money from one of your accounts to the other.

27. IC Advertisments –
Advertisments must only contain IC content and must not be offensive (IC or OOC). It cannot be used to advertise illegal merchandise or activities. Advertisments made by players must be realistic and are considered advertisements at all times.

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